Nylah Ventus

Tiefling bard haunted by a jealous goddess.


Female tiefling bard 8
68 HP – 15 AC – DC 16
STR – 18
DEX – 20
CON – 12
INT – 15
WIS – 11
CHA – 20



Born with black antlers, Nylah was treated as an avatar of Beshaba by the people of her village, who kowtowed to the girl’s every whim. Misfortune does not abide competition however, and one unfortunate raid cast Nylah adrift. Eventually, she found herself a place in the carnival—entertaining nobles as ‘The Ghost Faun’ while surreptitiously robbing them blind. It was here that Nylah found a mentor, a drow who performed as ‘The Amazing Jumping Spider’, but who she knew as Janos Aleval. After his death, Nylah left to find her own way, but the carnival always seems to call her back…


Nylah Ventus

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